Yuengling Swot Analysis

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Beer, Great Depression Pages: 3 (1157 words) Published: October 2, 2012
1)External and internal environmental factors.
S.W.O.T : Strengths.
A. 180 years of operation. This is one of their most compelling strengths. Being in operation for almost 200 years show the dedication the family has for the beer they produce and shows the amazing level of management they have. Just the fact that they have overcome hardships such as the great depression and the prohibition shows how powerful their management is. B. Following the length of operation the second most important strength is how they have kept the brewery family owned. This gives Yuengling a great marketing upper hand over the competition, because it follows what we call the American dream, being started by an immigrant from Germany, and continued family ownership even to this day. C. the last strength that comes along with the longevity of operation is how Yuengling has become a part of American heritage. Because most of the competition is operated over sees, yuengling can attract American customers who have pride in American owned and produced goods. D. The next major strength is the amazing management that has run Yuengling to where it is today. The combination of positive core values for employees and commitment to excellence for the product they produce. This shows how management has proficiency in displaying proper planning, profound organizing skills, motivational leading and most of all controlling toward goal achievement. E. the last Strength I will talk about is the most recent one. Yuengling has become the largest American owned brewer. But becoming the largest isn’t the strength, at least not on its own. One more aspect must be added, in being the largest now they must be able to hold their ground. Getting to the top is the first step the hard part is being able to keep at it, and hold that position. Yuenglings’ management team is already on the right path. After building a brewery in Pottsville and Tampa, FL., Dick Yuengling has “pushed the pause button”. This is a...
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