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World Geography
Chapter 4 Homework
Due by Wednesday, 10/16/13

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Lesson 1

1. What is culture?
-The total of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors shared by and passed on by members of a specific group 2. How does a society differ from an ethnic group?
- A society is a group that shares a geographic region, a sense of identity, and a culture is called a society, and ethnic group is a term used to define a group of that shares a language, customs, and a common heritage. 3. How do the terms innovation, diffusion, and culture hearth relate to technology? - Innovation is when you make up something new, diffusion is the spread of the invention, and cultural hearth is the start place of diffusion. 4. What is acculturation? When does “acculturation” have a positive effect on society? - When a society changes because it accepts or adopts an innovation. 5. What aspect of culture is the most important? Why?

- Language because it reflects all aspects of culture.
6. What is a language family? Which language family includes the English language? - How they categorize languages with other languages. Indo-European family. 7. What are the two ways languages diffuse?

- Trade or invention.
8. What are the three types of religions?
- Monotheistic, polytheistic, animistic.
9. Write a brief description of the following religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism - Judaism- the oldest monotheistic religion. Christianity- Based on the teachings of Jesus and is also monotheistic. Islam-Muhammad a merchant taught messages that were brought to him from an angel. Hinduism- has been dated for 5000 years and is polytheistic. Buddhism- It rejects the strict rules of Hinduism, Buddha promoted a way of living in order to reach an enlightened spiritual state called nirvana. 10. List the ways a culture can express itself creatively.

- Performing arts, Visual arts, and Oral and written literature. Lesson 2

1. What are the two main factors that have contributed to a soaring population growth since the 1800s? – The world was getting more and more industrialized, people increased their sanitation methods.

2. Define each of the following terms: birthrate, fertility rate, mortality rate, and infant Mortality rate – Birthrate- The number of live births per thousand populations. Fertility rate- The number of women that can give birth. Mortality rate- the death rate. Infant mortality rate- the number of deaths among infants. 3. How do you determine the “rate of natural increase”? - Subtract the mortality rate from the birthrate.

4. What is a population pyramid? – A graphic device that shows sex and age distribution of a population.

5. Why are populations NOT distributed equally across the earth? Where are the largest populations located? – Because some lands are not suitable for human habitation. In the northern hemisphere.

6. What is the difference between a Push factor and a Pull factor in migration? – Push factors are why people leave a place and pull is why people come to a place.

7. What is population density? - The average number of people who live in a measurable area.

8. Why is it difficult to accurately calculate population density for an entire nation?
- Because the population is not spread evenly across the map. 9. What is carrying capacity? What factors can change the lands carrying capacity? - The number of organism a piece of land can support.

Lesson 3

1. Define the terms state, nation, nation-state, and stateless nation.

2. Describe the four categories of government.
- Democracy, Monarchy, Dictatorship, Communism.
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