Women's Rights Are Human Rights

Topics: Women's suffrage, Human rights, Women's rights Pages: 4 (1184 words) Published: May 23, 2012
The Unbroken Pandemonium

A Rhetorical Analysis of “Women’s rights are Human Rights” by Hilary Rodman Clinton.

Many people choose to believe that women rights issues only affect Muslim countries, but that logic is so far from the truth. Women’s rights around the world are just as important as all other issues, and it is a critical indicator towards understanding general worldwide existence.

There is also that group of people, who believe that women’s rights are not as big an issue as they were in the United States, some 150 years ago – which is simply far from being true. The rhetoric in empowering women has always been an ongoing subject in all countries, and we find that to date, numerous issues still exist in all areas of life; some of which range from cultural, political and the socio-economic aspects of life itself.

When Hilary Rodman Clinton conveyed her speech at the U.N. 4th World Conference in Beijing China, in September 1995, her one significance fight was to bring a renewed strength to the women in Beijing. She needed to let them know that the struggles, the abuse, the killings and every mishap they encountered on a day-to-day basis, are not a singular struggle, but instead a cohesive struggle, which needed not ever happen again. Therefore, the fight for equality, justice and peace for all; It had to be a common and continuous goal, which had to reign in Beijing; by making sure that no child or mother ever had to suffer, and that every woman in Beijing, would arise and be heard again. In her efforts to enable this speech spread far and wide, Hilary needed to use a ground breaking and effective delivery method, especially with her usage of pathos.

In the rhetoric context in presenting this famous speech, towards the directive to stop the abuse of women rights; silence had to be broken and now was the time, hence Hilary Rodman Clinton needed to convey her message in a strong and eloquent manner: “It is time to break the silence here...
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