Why You Should Not Drink and Drive

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Insurance, Drunk driving Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Why You Should Not Drink and Drive

Drinking and driving is a continuous problem here in the United States. No matter what state you live in, there is a law against it. Although each state has its own laws, they are generally similar in nature and in severity. Driving under the influence is dangerous due to the fact that it affects a person’s ability to think and react, both clearly and in a timely manner. Without clear thought and immediate control of motor skills, a person poses a high danger to themselves and to others on the roadways of our nation. It is for these reasons that drinking and driving carries with it grave consequences and is a concern for all of us. We will examine this in more detail as it pertains to the state of North Carolina.

One reason a person should not drink and drive is that they face several consequences as a result of their poor decision. The first is that they lose their license. Without a license, they are no longer able to legally drive on the roads. This forces them to rely on family or friends for a ride, or they must utilize public transportation. If using public transit, they now incur the added inconvenience of adhering to a set schedule instead of being able to travel whenever they want.

When driving privileges become reinstated, that person is subject to drastic insurance premium increases, and possibly being dropped by their insurance company. The first step they are required to do is provide the licensing agency with a SR-22 form, which proves they have motor vehicle liability insurance. To ensure proper coverage, under SR-22 laws, the insurance agency is required to notify the licensing agency if the policy is canceled or lapses. At this point, a person is labeled by their insurance company as a “high risk” driver, causing their rates to go up. In most cases insurance premiums will double, and in some states it will even triple (Alcoholism, 2007). Some insurance companies refuse to insure high risk drivers, and...

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