Why music matters

Topics: Self-esteem, Emotion, Big Five personality traits Pages: 3 (1268 words) Published: April 3, 2014
Why music matters.
I find this to be a complex yet compelling topic to write about as it can be overwhelming to cover it to its fullest, so we are only scratching the surface with this essay.Thus I took the privilege of finding articles and studies done of why music matters today in our culture and what are its benefits to the people who listen to it and what influence them to listen to the type of music they listen to,is mood a decider or does it depends on what part of culture your are from, and the most important question to ask, is all music that you listen to good for you, as we are going to find out in the numerous studies done by prestigious universities and have found compelling results of how music affects the brain and its positive interaction to heal the mind and soul from the many circumstances that involves our busy stressful lives that we live.So this report is here to enlighten us about the choices we have to make in oder to reap the full benefits that music provides. As one article written by Dr.Phil emphasizes that,the lack of music in one s life has unhealthy consequences,also noting that not all music is good for you,Like “junk music is as bad as junk food”.The Arthur also implies that not everyone reacts the same way in their music experience.As the prominent Dr.Phil puts it, “The body is neurologically nourished by music, much like a natural diet builds ons health”.he states that music therapy helps not just the brain, but from immunity,muscle digestion and many other bodily functions as well, and thus music is a liberator of reducing stress hormone and helping many people in their mental and emotional brain,so listening to music can help fight and prevent many preventable illnesses caused by not only fatigue but also stress. parents and society should care and take notice of what type of music that is being played all around them and their children alike.studies and research done like the one by Dr.Phil, has not caught the public eye for...
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