Why Is Natality in Sweden Low?

Topics: Demography, Population, Life expectancy Pages: 4 (1302 words) Published: August 31, 2012
Why is natality in Sweden low?

Europe's 733 million people make up 11% of the world's population.

Human population is the number of people living in a particular area. Government Accounts population of their country by means of a census. Later development of the population can be estimated by studying the current situation and population growth. The rapid population growth is typical for many countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. On the other hand, in Europe and North America, population density is low or even declining. Population structure (number of people of all age groups) between these two groups is also different. In Europe, there are fewer babies, but, given that the death of children and young people is small, all age groups are equally represented. Looking at the entire population, there are more older people meaning that the birth rate is very low.

I took Sweden as an example for a European country..
In 2004 there were estimated around 9 million people in Sweden. Sweden has 4 ethnic groups; Indigenous Swedes, ethnic Finns, ethnic Lapps.

Sweden has one of the world's highest life expectancies and one of the lowest birth rates. However, Sweden is currently experiencing a rise in period fertility that reflects a change in the time pattern of cohort fertility. Ultimate cohort fertility may eventually also rise as a result of this change.

There are lots of immigrants in Sweden; Finns, Bosnians, Iranians, Norwegians, Danes, Hungarians, Iraqis, and Turks. More than 1 million people, one-eighth of the population, are either foreign born or the children of immigrants. Immigrants are those who affect the natality growth.

58 % of young women in Sweden were cohabiting at the birth of their first child. The median age at first birth for women in Sweden is 28.

A study by Statistics Sweden finds that foreign-born women had a fertility rate of 2.21 children per woman, while Swedish-born women reproduced at a rate of 1.82...
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