why do students break school rules?

Topics: Human, Morality, Self-esteem Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: March 4, 2014
Social-wise and even biblical, humans tend to break rules. Socially, human beings are boundless. They despise limitations. Human beings like those any others who belong in any political or social form, struggle to come out of any fences built to limit them in any way. Even science is unstable and cannot settle because of unending human discoveries. Unsatisfied with earth’s blessings, they even set-foot on the moon. Even the most precious God’s creation (Adam and Eve), as the bible would tell it’s tale, succumbed to human nature when they ate that apple when that is the only rule being set for them. Why disobedience? Was that only coincidence? Or is it the nature of man to be limitless, boundless, put it otherwise, free. This fact of life need not be legitimized or even proven to be true. No amount of human intellect needs to be utilized for one to understand that life isn’t life without rules or norms as well as men who establishes or breaks the same. School rules and regulations are made not to be broken. Rules are made for the safety and better welfare of the students in school. Another is to promote good behavior among students and to maintain the good image of the school. Parents send their children to school in order for them to learn not only academic values, but also moral values. Implementing school rules will help the students mold their character and values expected from them by other people. 

There are certain factors why nowadays, students tend not to follow rules disseminated by the school despite of the punishments they will have to face for doing such actions. Some of the reasons are as follows: peer pressure, drugs, poverty, homelessness, low self esteem, lack of love, boredom, bad instructions, unclear rules, unclear expectations, psychological problems, lack of parental supervision and guidance, and media influences.

Let us try to consider the saying, “MASARAP GAWIN ANG BAWAL.” According to some students, breaking rules is a part of every...
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