What Other Methodologies Are Commonly Used

Topics: Population, Animal, Sex ratio Pages: 1 (230 words) Published: November 16, 2014
What other methodologies are commonly used to determine ages in clam populations? How about other animal populations? The Mark-Recapture method - Used for very motile animals. With this technique, animals are captured, observed and measured, marked (either by painting, banding, etc.), then released again into the wild. This technique requires several trials to fully estimate the population age. (Gregory, n.a) Aside from size, growth lines present among the clam shells may determine the age of the clam. (Copland, J.W., and Lucas, J.S., 1998) Aside from age structure, another method that may be used to measure population size among animals is determining the sex ratios. The sex ratio is the ratio of females and males in a population. The females are essential to determining population size using sex ratios since the number of females are usually related to the number of births in the population. Scientists use sex ratio to determine the probability of births within the population. (Yarrow, 2009) Copland, J.W., and Lucas J.S. 1998. Giant Clams in Asia and the Pacific. ACIAR Monograph, Canberra Gregory, Michael. n/a. “Estimating Animal Population” Retrieved September 8, 2014. Yarrow, Greg. 2009. “The Basics of Population Dynamics” Clemson Cooperative Extension. Retrieved September 8, 2014. < http://www.clemson.edu/extension/natural_resources/wildlife/publications/fs29_population_dynamics.html>
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