What Is the Effects of Modern Technology in the Workplace

Topics: Disability Pages: 4 (1316 words) Published: November 7, 2012
IEEE-USA 2000 Careers Conference

Michael Cohn M.Ed.
Promote Awareness
September 2000
Each job and its many components involve learning and understanding in order to complete its responsibilities on a daily basis.
In the past five years, there has been an influx in technology both in the workplace and in everyday activities. E-mail, the Internet, fax and other forms of technology have streamlined office tasks and made it possible to accomplish more work more quickly. In spite of their seeming “necessity,” however, it is possible for most people to accomplish their workplace tasks without such technological innovations. Imagine what it would be like, then, if everyone had to use technological accommodations in order to perform the tasks that a job required, or even to complete simple, everyday tasks. Many people with disabilities are in this situation; they must use technological accommodations everyday. Many of the same advancements that have created the global market and the “dot.com” revolution have also enabled people with disabilities to become a part of working society. With the use of technological advancements now widespread in business and industry, more and more formerly “disabled” people are entering the workplace. Prior to these advancements, many persons with disabilities had, really, only two employment options: to stay home and collect Social Supplement Income* from the government or take a job as part of a “re-training program” that was neither satisfying nor challenging. Knowledge and understanding of the existence of assistance devices, how they work, and the ease with which they can be integrated into the overall flow of everyday office tasks can simplify the transition of the “disabled” person into the accommodated, productive employee. At this time I would like to expand the information to cover in more depth the technological devices used to assist people with disabilities on the...
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