What is success

Topics: Population, Demography, Birth rate Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: December 16, 2013
What is success?
Probably every human asked himself the questions what does success mean and what does it mean to be successful? But many people seek after success without realizing what does it is actually mean. Scientists believe that success means to achieve goals. Success is positive result, for example, public recognition of something or someone. Scientists from several U.S. universities conducted joint research came to an unexpected conclusion. It was found that natural talents and special abilities do not guarantee success. Only practical activity, heavy daily work and self-improvement can make a success, the researchers believe. According to the businessmen’s opinion Success is always risks. It can be Small, medium or large. Risk can and should be. Great success without the risk does not exist. And the problem is not that you run the risk of not even how often do you run the risk .The problem is how is high your skills in identifying risks. As far as you are confident of being able to properly assess risk situations, possibilities and probabilities. If you are confident of being able to properly assess risk situations, possibilities and probabilities, as well as, you are able to take the right risks for the right reasons and to pursue the right goals, you will succeed Also should be understood that each single person has their own individual and unique vision of the world. First of all, the vision of human concepts of success depends on a huge number of personal characteristics. Someone glad that the family home waiting for him, but someone wins the love of the world's population!

Thick is 0.1 mm. Did you know that if you fold a piece of paper 50 times, then the height of the stack would get to the sun? Such is the power exponentially. And the same thing happens with the population of our planet. Every year it increasing faster, but the process is uneven. Scientists believe that now the population of some countries is increasing rapidly, and the...
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