What Is Human Happiness?

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Sexual arousal, Alcoholism Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Ilena Marie Lech
Professor Hughes
Philosophy 212 – V03
November 14, 2012
What is Human Happiness?
Human happiness is defined differently by each and every person who defines it. While asked the question “what makes you happy?” no one person will answer this the same. The actual word happiness can be defined as a feeling of joy from someone or something. Not everyone gets this feeling from the same person or same thing. To an alcoholic human happiness is alcohol, to a hoarder human happiness is buying and collecting excessive amounts of miscellaneous items and to nymphomaniacs human happiness is sex. The word happiness is meaningless since it refers to a different thing for each person making human happiness different to each person.

Alcoholics have a love for alcohol. Alcohol is what makes alcoholics happy – this is their from of human happiness. People drink in social environments such as parties, dinner dates or casually around with friends because it can bring them out of their shell. Alcohol can also be used as an escape to a good place. When people are down and have a drink or a few drinks they get away and get a feeling of joy or become worry free in the moment. Alcohol serves as a relaxant after a long day of work or a stressful day in general. Alcohol is the form of an alcoholic’s happiness whether it be in a social environment or used as a self escape. All of the reasons people drink lead to making the alcoholics happy.

Hoarders have a love for buying and collecting excessive amounts of miscellaneous items. Hoarding is what makes hoarders happy – this is their form of human happiness. People hoard as a way of making memories that they have never had or memories they wish to make. People also hoard because they are afraid of throwing things away. They fear throwing away something they love because they will not get it back again or it cannot be replaced ever. Hoarding is a way of hoarders to be happy, not getting rid of items or buying excessive...
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