What Factors Would Influence the Capacity of an Individual to

Topics: Self-esteem, Risk, Mental retardation Pages: 5 (1208 words) Published: January 14, 2013
ques 3. What factors would influence the capacity of an individual to express consent

The term “consent capacity” describes an adult’s ability to understand information relevant to making an informed, voluntary decision. A wide variety of diseases, disorders, conditions, and injuries can affect a person’s ability to understand such information. Informed consent is a phrase often used in law to indicate that the consent a person gives meets certain minimum standards. In order to give informed consent, the individual concerned must have adequate reasoning faculties and be in possession of all relevant facts at the time consent is given. Impairments to reasoning and judgment which may make it impossible for someone to give informed consent include such factors as basic intellectual or emotional immaturity, high levels of stress such as PTSD or as severe mental retardation, severe mental illness, intoxication, severe sleep deprivation, Alzheimer's disease, or being in a coma.

ques 6. how would you support an individual to challenge decisions concerning them.

That depends on the mental capacity of the individual you want to support. First, you must obtain their permission and then you must get them to express as exactly as possible what help they reckon they need. Then you can offer further information, suggestions, and a plan to challenge such decisions. You could offer to be their spokesperson if they weren't confident enough to speak out, or to accompany them to any hearing or appointment. Encourage them to say how they feel and what they want. If they want to make a complaint use your complaints procedure.However, if the person is mentally impaired, you would have to get their signed permission to speak and act on their behalf before any health or social care workers would listen to you. Because of issues of confidentiality, you either have to be next of kin, or obtain powers of attorney or guardianship.

ques 7. explain the links between identity,self image and self esteem

In short, Identity is who you are, Self Image is how you see yourself and Self Esteem is how you feel about yourself. Your identity is what you think about yourself. Are you independent, confident, able, attractive etc? If so you will feel good, health, happy etc and your well being (your life and existence) will be positive. What if you aren't independent, confident, able, attractive etc?

Self esteem comes from a positive identity. If you are dependent on others, feel useless, don't have anyone who cares about you etc your self esteem will be low. What if you are independent, able and have good friends and family etc?

ques 8. Analyse factors that contribute to the well-being of individuals

Well-being may include aspects that are:
• spiritual

• emotional

• cultural

• religious

• social

• political

Support an individual in a way that promotes their sense of identity, self image and self esteem. Spiritual - factors that enrich lives and touch people and are uplifting on a deep level such as religion, music and art.

Emotional - factors such as close bonds with family and friends, happy memories, having photos etc

Cultural - factors that respect the individual's likes choices and preferences and that give them a sense of what is normal to them.

Religious - factors such as attending church or mosque or visits from their local religious leaders, being able to celebrate religious celebrations, having a quiet place to pray etc

Social - factors such as opportunities to be with others, to communicate with others, to share in a group experience.

Political - factors such as being involved and having a say in what is happening or should happen in their environment, having their opinions respected etc.

Happiness with yourself and things that directly impact you, stable finances, security, possession of things you need (ex: shelter, food, clothes, etc), and love.

Personal care,...
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