What Are the Good and Bad Points of the Following Methods of Limiting the Population Growth? Which Are the Most Effective, Globally?

Topics: Abortion, One-child policy, Population Pages: 4 (1331 words) Published: October 2, 2011
* Our earth is in great jeopardy; humanity has to start thinking about their future. Indeed, the earth’s population is growing at a fast rate and it is coherent that the more we are on the planet, the more resources, like water and food, are needed. Now, we have two ways of dealing with this issue. Either we improve the management of our resources, so in other words, try to work on a worldwide scale in order to have an effect; or we could try slowing down the population growth rate so that we do not run out of resources. We will focus on the second solution, and analyze in detail how we could reach this goal. Even thought it seems easy, several methods may imply a change of lifestyle or traditions that have an impact on the efficiency of it. *

* The first method we are going to analyze consists of encouraging families having fewer babies; it was applied in a multitude of poor countries such as China, just before they instated the one-child policy, and India. It relies on several other solutions and it basically has for goal to reduce the population’s growth rate, with a cocktail of different methods. Some methods such as family planning, healthcare and educational improvements and investing adequately so that les children are needed are examples of what encouraging methods is constituted. Firstly, family planning consists in the planning of when to have children, the use of birth control, sexuality education, and other techniques to implement such plans. China made famous the slogan “Later, Longer, Fewer”, which represents exactly what family planning is, it means that we should have babies older, with a greater chance of survival and therefore fewer. Indeed, it is logical that by introducing birth control and a sexual education, people would be more inclined to choose how much children they want. However, couples often choose how much babies they want to have made depending on the chances of survival of the child, this is one of the reasons why poor...
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