Week Assignment Review 1 Substance Abuse Class

Topics: Dopamine, Alcoholism, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 6 (1695 words) Published: January 25, 2015
Brian Edwards
Professor Haley Nunn
11, January 2015
Chapter Review Assignment 6,7,8,9 Week 1
Chapter 6
1. At about what periods in history did cocaine reach its first and second peaks of popularity, and when was amphetamine’s popularity at its highest? Cocaine -late 19th century and early 20th amphetamine- 1960s (Hart & Ksir, p. 125) 2. How did Mariani, Freud Halsted popularize the use of cocaine? Psychiatric use (Hart & Ksir, p. 126) 3. How are coca paste, freebase, crack, and ice similar? Heated and they use home products 4. What similarities and what differences are there in the toxic effects of cocaine and amphetamine relate to the behavioral effects of the two drugs? Cocaine: CNS stimulations or convulsions and maybe cardiac arrest (acute) or full blow paranoid psychosis, increasing irritability, restlessness (chronic) Amphetamine: paranoia, increased feeling of power or capability (acute) and paranoia/sleep deprivation (chronic) (Hart & Ksir, p. 132,135) 5. How would medical practice be affected if both cocaine and amphetamine were placed on Schedule I? It can't be prescribe ADHD meds. (Hart & Ksir, p. 141) 6. How does the chemical difference between methamphetamine and amphetamine relate to the behavioral effects of the two drugs? Methyl group added, makes molecule across blood-brain barrier more readily and increase CNS potency (Hart & Ksir, p. 138-139) 7. Compare the dependence potential of cocaine with that of amphetamine. Both potential reinforcers and habit forming psychological dependence (Hart & Ksir, p. 140) 8. Describe the effects of amphetamines on mental performance. Example would be Adderall, "smart pill". It is said to make you more concentrated, but it can actually disrupt your performance. (Hart & Ksir, p. 141) Chapter 7

1. What was the foul-smelling drug that o widely used in mental hospitals before the 1950’s? Paraldehyde (Hart & Ksir, p. 148) 2. A prescription of 30 mg of phenobarbital would probably have been for which type of use? To keep a person calm and relaxed. (Hart & Ksir, p. 149) 3. What is the relationship between psychological and the time course of a drug’s action? Psychological dependence develops more rapidly when the drug hits the brain more quickly. (Hart & Ksir, p. 152) 4. The barbiturates and benzodiazepines act at which neurotransmitter receptor? GABA (Hart & Ksir, p. 153) 5. Why should hypnotic drugs usually be prescribed only for a few nights at a time? Because of concerns of tolerance, rebound insomnia, dependence, and "hangover" effects. (Hart & Ksir, p. 155) 6. What is zolpidem (Ambien)? Zolpidem is a non benzodiazepin hypnotic. (Hart & Ksir, p. 156) 7. What are the characteristics of the sedative hypnotic withdrawn syndrome? increased anxiety, insomnia, tremors, weakness, nausea , vomiting, can lead to seizures (Hart & Ksir, p. 153) 8. What happens to a person who takes an overdose of a sedative-hypnotic? Impaired judgment and incoordination, depressed respiration, and, with large enough doses, death. (Hart & Ksir, p. 152 ) 9. How are the effects of the nitrites different from the effects of inhaled solvent fumes? Nitrites used for cyanide poisioning, which is to be used as poppers to relieve chest pain, increases in blood flow and lowers blood pressure, increased warmth. Solvent fumes causes the effects to be similar to being drunk. (Hart & Ksir, p. 161) 10. What are the effects of combing GHB with alcohol? Profound intoxication, which caused people to become highly suggestible and unable to remember what happened. (Hart & Ksir, p. 162) Chapter 8

1. Give two examples of anxiety disorder. Panic disorder specific phobia social phobia OCD PTSD Generalized anxiety disorder. (Hart & Ksir, p. 166)

2. Is schizophrenia a functional or an organic psychosis? Functional (Hart & Ksir, p. 168)

3. Besides sadness, what are some other indicators of a major depressive episode? Diminished interest or pleasure in most...
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