Volcano Essay Deadline 4

Topics: Earthquake, Volcano, Population density Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: December 1, 2014
Volcano Essay Deadline 4th November

To what extent does the cause impact and response to volcanic eruptions depend on a country's level development?

Factors affecting the impact of an earthquake
Distance from the epicentre - the effects of an earthquake are more severe at its centre. The higher on the Richter scale, the more severe the earthquake is. Level of development (MEDC or LEDC) - MEDCs are more likely to have the resources and technology for monitoring, prediction and response. Population density (rural or urban area). The more densely populated an area, the more likely there are to be deaths and casualties. Communication - accessibility for rescue teams.

Time of day influences whether people are in their homes, at work or travelling. A severe earthquake at rush hour in a densely populated urban area could have devastating effects. The time of year and climate will influence survival rates and the rate at which disease can spread. Earthquakes and volcanoes in LEDCs

LEDCs often suffer more from the effects of volcanoes and earthquakes thanMEDCs. The effects of an earthquake or a volcano in LEDCs
Communication systems may be underdeveloped, so the population may not be well educated about what to do in the event of a volcanic eruption or an earthquake. Construction standards tend to be poor in LEDCs. Homes and other buildings may suffer serious damage when a disaster occurs. Buildings collapsing can cause high death tolls.

Evacuation and other emergency plans can be difficult to put into action due to limited funds and resources. Clearing up can be difficult. There may not be enough money to rebuild homes quickly and safely. Many people could be forced to live in emergency housing or refugee camps.
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