Vino Kulafu

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Vino Kulafu

Artist – GARCIA, Lalaine Myr
Writer – TORRES, Jean Marie
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Company Profile

About the product…
* Vino Kulafu is the Philippines most popular Chinese wine. * Named after a legendary Filipino jungle hero Kulafu.
* The brand has become a byword in Visayas and Mindanao, especially for its health benefits. * Vino Kulafu is is appreciated from its 50 proof, 25% alcohol and 14 authentic traditional botanical herbs combined through a special distillation process to attain a well-blended herbal aroma. * Manufactured by Ginebra San Miguel, formerly La Tondeña Inc. * It is considered as the main elixir of peasants in the countrysides of Visayas and Mindano. The Company: Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.

Ginebra San Miguel, Inc. or commonly known as GSMI, grew out of a family-owned Spanish era distillery which, in 1834, introduced what was to become the company's flagship brand and the largest selling, first ever Philippine gin in the world – Ginebra San Miguel.

GSMI has since evolved from being a solely gin-driven business into a progressive and dynamic organization whose strength lies in the proud heritage of its flagship product, its extensive experience in alcohol production and distribution, and the never-say-die spirit of its workforce. The company continues to adopt to the ever-changing preferences of its markets, providing more value-for-money options through its growing line of world-class hard liquor and healthy beverages.

With the support of its parent company – San Miguel Corporation, Ginebra San Miguel, Inc. boldly looks to the future propelled by its vision of becoming a diversified beverage company in the Asian region.

Being a majority-owned subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation (the "SMC"), the Company has adopted a Manual on Corporate Governance (the "Manual") closely patterned after that of its parent company.

The Company continues to review and strengthen its policies and procedures, giving due consideration to areas which, in the best interests of the Company and its stockholders, need further improvement.


* To penetrate pure alcoholic drinker
* To expand distribution channel
* to increase product awareness in the market
* to make a difference and make everyday life a celebration * to be our customers' preferred choice
* to be the first to anticipate consumer needs and deliver something better


“Wine for Years, Wine for Cheers”

The thought of Vino Kulafu is still existing in the market and being a celebratory wine for the Filipinos.

Target Audience

Customer Profiles


* Predominantly Males
* Eco Class C
* Metro Manila
* 30-60years old


* Farmer
* Fisherman
* Stevedore

Competitive Information


Sioktong was the brand name of the medicinal wine that was the flagship product for many generations of Destileria Limtuaco, a distillery that was founded by a Chinese immgrant named Lim Tua Co. Within two years after his arrival in 1850 Lim Tua Co concocted a secret recipe that he carried with him from AMoy. It was a concoction of bittersweet herbs that was in the family for five generations. It was first named Vino de Chino, then later Sioktong. It was distilled in 135 Gandara Street, Binondo for many years. It became a bestseller for its legendary qualities of imparting stamina in the same way that energy drinks are consumed now. Sioktong has many popular qualities among the rural folk that consume it in prodigious amounts. A Pinoy komiks character by Rico Bello Omagap for example was named Susanang Siyoktong who was a toughie girl transformed into a beautiful girl by the alcoholic elixir she ingests.

Vino Kung-fu

In 1852, a young chinese kung-fu master...
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