Vices: Alcoholic Beverage and Especially College Students

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Alcoholism, Drinking culture Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: September 18, 2013
Increasing Rate of Minors Who Engage in Smoking


1.1Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this research is to identify the percentage of minors who does engage in smoking, to have this idea of how minors take this unhealthy activities that sabotage their life as well as their future, not only that, we also want to make people realize especially the teenagers that taking and engaging in these activities does not help them to be a better person as well as a healthy human being. The very purpose of our research is to stop minors in engaging into these activities by picturing to them that with these, their life would be nothing because this is not good in their physical body, but also mentally and emotionally.

1.2Context of the Study
These minors usually live in a complicated life where they are facing a lot of problems and even things that makes their mind chaotic. Those things that are happening around them, those people who are engaged in smoking can also trigger them to be a smoker.

1.3Problem Statement
1.3.1Main problem
Smoking is one of the means of people to channel their depression. It is

1.4Significance of the Study
The study will provide guidance to minors for them to be aware of the possible negative effects of the vices that they are in. Especially college students who are always hanging out in clubs, always drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking and even using illegal drugs. This will enable minors to become more conscious about their health and stop engaging in these activities that will make their life miserable. 1.5Delimitation of the Study

* College students of Central Philippine University

1.6Definition of Terms
Vices – are bad habits that he/she is not aware of it.
Smoking – is the act of burning a cigarette and inhaling its smoke to experience stress relief. Alcoholic beverages – are alcoholic drinks that are drunk by people for recreation purposes. Minors – are the respondents of...
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