Uttarpradesh Health Review

Topics: Demography, Population, Perinatal mortality Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Healthy society is an important contributor to economic growth since it rebound the prosperity of a nation and nature of human capital. The aim of this report is to highlights the health status of the Uttar Pradesh in context of different indicators associated with the health. In this report we also point out current status of health centers, schemes and projects running in the Uttar Pradesh. 2.Introduction

When measuring the health status of a state the important indicators we should consider are population, crude birth rate, crude death rate, infant and maternal mortality rate. In the case of Uttar Pradesh the different measures taken by the state helped them to decrease above indicators. For improving the health status the Government of Uttar Pradesh is providing the free facilities like vaccination of pregnant women and children, awareness about AIDS, treatment of tuberculosis and leprosy, awareness about importance of family planning ,Distribution of preventive medicine etc. But comparing with other states of India the performance of state is slightly disappointing in the above parameters. Like other states health infrastructure of Uttar Pradesh consists of sub-centre, Primary Health centre, Community Health centre and District hospital. According to rural health statics (2009) in India Uttar Pradesh has 20521 sub-centers, 3690 primary health centers, 515 primary health centers . But there is a shortfall in the vacancies like health worker, health assistant, Doctors, Gynecologists, Physicians and Pediatricians in the above centers. Different programs undertaken by the Government include the programs related to Iodine deficiency, AIDS, reduction of birth and death rate etc. Moreover this Government also undertook the projects like NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) and SIFPS (State Innovations in Family planning services project agencies).So in this report our aim is to explore in detail the...

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