unit 305 health and social care

Topics: Environment, Self-esteem, Natural environment Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: September 26, 2013
A guide for social care workers

How the environment promotes well being
To promote good wellbeing through the environment that service users live in is really important as it includes the surroundings that they live in and also the personal property of the service users. Some examples of how to do this are;

Consulting with the service user on how they would like their room to be decorated and where they want their own personal belongings. Ensuring that any cultural needs are met whether this be in regards to food, religion etc. Provide interaction with service users so that they are able to gain and maintain skills and make a contribution (e.g. making beds, helping with laundry and cooking meals etc.) Use varying methods of communication to ensure all service users receive continuity of care

Why it is important to support individuals in a way that promotes their identity, self-image and self esteem Quality of life is positively linked to certain building features about choice and control, community involvement, physical and cognitive support, comfort and personal care, and creating a sense of normality and authenticity. A narrow focus on health and safety in building design may create risk-averse environments but act against people’s quality of life. As a social environment, all aspects of living in a residential facility, from personal care to communication, from breakfast to bedtime, from the garden to the dining room, can support a person’s sense of self. Little things can make the biggest difference. Well-designed physical and social environments focusing on the quality of everyday life can help people continue in relationships that uphold a sense of identity and promote self-esteem. Common problems are poor understanding of people’s feelings and reactions, environmental features restricting independence and institutional beliefs preventing person-centered. Reasons why we support individuals in this way are;

By meeting the individual’s needs,...
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