Unit 201 outcome 1 1.2

Topics: Self-esteem, Developmental psychology, Learning Pages: 3 (579 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Unit 201

Outcome 1 1.2

Development from birth begins from the head down through the body:

Brain development 50% by age 4
80% by age 8
100% by puberty

Communication and Intellectual

If babies are not spoken to as they are developing this may result in a delay with language acquisition. Babies thrive on repetitive sing-song chatter and the chance to have ‘conversations’ taking turns to respond with babbling sounds. Children learn to think and develop their own ideas by gaining knowledge through thought and experience. If a child is taked to and read to and encouraged to develop by 17 months of age thry would have acquired twice as many words than those who are not exposed to the same level of conversation.

Restricted language leads to restricted thinking. This in turn leads to a limited view of the world around them and may encounter difficulties when faced with situations they are unfamiliar with.

Children with language developmental problems caused by English not being first language or speech impedement may find it hard to interact with other children and adults and could become isolated from their peers which in turn can lead to other social and emotional developmental delays.

All children with restricted language will experience frustration at not being understood which in turn may lead to a lack of confidence, low self esteem and a reluctance to mix with others leading to a lack of opportunity to socialise and develop emotionally .

Social and Emotional

Children learn what they live and live what they learn.

The early years in a childs life puts in place the foundations for every relationship they will have throughout their life. A happy contented home where there is good social interaction produces a happy and confident child. The child is confident in the knowledge that whatever happens in life there is a happy, loving and safe home where the child will be listened to. Praise and...
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