Traits of a Healthy Family

Topics: Morality, Self-esteem, Personality psychology Pages: 4 (1161 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Traits of a Healthy Family
The healthy family....
1. Communicates and listens.
2. Affirms and supports one another.
3. Teaches respect for other.
4. Develops a sense of trust.
5. Has a sense of play and humor.
6. Exhibits a sense of shared responsibility.
7. Teaches a sense of right and wrong.
8. Has a strong sense of family in which rituals and traditions abound. 9. Has a balance of interaction among members.
10. Has a shared religious core.
11. Respects the privacy of one another.
12. Values service to others.
13. Fosters family table time and conversation.
14. Shares leisure time.
15. Admits to and seeks help with problems.
1. The family exhibits an unusual relationship between the parents. (shared power - democratic principals at work)
2. The family has control over television. (communication and interaction have higher priority than television)
3. The family listens and responds. (Active listening skills) 4. The family recognizes nonverbal messages.
5. The family encourages individual feelings and independent thinking. 6. The family recognizes turn-off words and put-down phrases. 7. The family interrupts, but equally.
8. The family develops a pattern of reconciliation.
1. The parents have good self esteem, share a sense of purpose, and recognize the need to actively build self esteem in their children.
2. Everyone is expected to affirm and support.
3. The family realizes that support doesn't mean pressure.
4. The family's basic mood is positive.
5. The family supports its institutions, but not automatically. THE HEALTHY FAMILY TEACHES RESPECT FOR OTHERS
1. The family respects individual differences within the family. 2. The family knows that self-respect means just that - respect for self. 3. The family affords respect to all groups, not just specifically approved ones. 4. The family respects individual decisions.

5. The...
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