Theory of core and preifery

Topics: Development, Core countries, Population Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Criticism of the model
Rostow is historical in the sense that the end result is known at the outset and is derived from the historical geography of a developed society. His model is based on American and European history and defines the American norm of high mass consumption as integral to the economic development process of all industrialized societies. His model assumes the inevitable adoption of Neoliberal trade policies which allow the manufacturing base of a given advanced polity to be relocated to lower-wage regions. Rostow's model does not apply to the Asian and the African countries as events in these countries are not justified in any stage of his model. The stages are not identifiable properly as the conditions of the take-off and pre take-off stage are very similar and also overlap. According to Rostow growth becomes automatic by the time it reaches the maturity stage but Kuznets asserts that no growth can be automatic there is need for push always. The Theory of Core and Periphery

The basic principle of the 'Core-Periphery' theory is that as general prosperity grows worldwide, the majority of that growth is enjoyed by a 'core' region of wealthy countries despite being severely outnumbered in population by those in a 'periphery' that are ignored. There are many reasons why this global structure has formed, but generally there are many barriers, physical and political, that prevent the poorer citizens of the world from participating in global relations. The disparity of wealth between core and periphery countries is staggering, with 15% of the global population enjoying 75% of the world's annual income. The Core

The 'core' consists of Europe (excluding Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus) , the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and Israel. Within this region is where most of the positive characteristics of globalization typically occur: transnational links, modern development (i.e. higher wages, access to healthcare,...
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