The positive social effects and negative social and physical effects of alcohol

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drinking culture, Islam Pages: 6 (2395 words) Published: March 31, 2013
This essay will review both the positive social effects and negative social and physical effects of alcohol. The debate over alcohol consumption in communities around the world has existed as long as there has been alcohol to drink. Alcohol has improved social functions; community economics through tourism and business and in moderation can enhance many situations in society. Alcohol has been one of the main problems of today’s generation. By contrast if over indulged and abused the same product can also harm societies, families, communities and do physical harm. Do people have drinking problems? Does a person love drinking? How does it make a person feel; good, bad, hyperactive, happy or sad? Are people addicted to drinking? Do people think that drinking is good or bad and what are the benefits of it? Alcohol has played an important role in our lives. Many people and especially teenagers drink a lot. They go to parties with their friends just to drink. They do not know what are its benefits and causes they are just going to drink and that drinking makes them feel good and look unique in front of their friends. They drink alcohol as if they are smoking cigarettes. In this essay I shall explain what the positives and negatives points are and also explain how alcohol is affecting our lives and the society. “Alcohol has played an important role in religion and adulation. Alcohol is a product that has provided a variety of functions for people. Historically, alcoholic beverages have served as sources of needed nutrients and have been widely used for their medicinal, antiseptic, and analgesic properties. The role of such beverages as thirst quenchers is obvious and they play an important role in enhancing the enjoyment and quality of life (David J. n.d.)”. Alcohol can facilitate relaxation, provide pleasure, enjoyment and increase the pleasure of eating and drinking. Alcohol has proven to be beneficial in several society settings. While drinking alcohol many people find it bringing enjoyment especially when drinking and dancing. Alcohol brings enjoyment, relaxing moments, hyperactive, and drinkers sometimes feel a little less than in control while drinking. By comparison some of the negative effects caused by alcohol is a person inability to control the amount a person drinking after starting, a person may have little if no control over the quantity a person drink, no matter how much a person try to limit a themselves from drinking it won’t happen. When a person tries to stop drinking some symptoms may occur to that person’s body after repeated exposure, these may include: racing heart, sweating, lack of proper sleep, inability to drive, anxiety, nausea and more dangerous problems. A person can put a person themselves in dangerous situation when a person drinks a lot this situation such as drinking and driving. Some people develop a lack of social ethics while drinking that their friends find it hard to tolerant. A person may can blackout and have a very bad hangover when a person drink a lot. Hangovers can cause a person to stop working, not concentrate on what a person have and should do. Drinking early or alone can also cause problems because there won’t be anyone to help that person should they falls ill. These are some other negative effects that drinking can lead to ( 2013). Underage boys and girls nowadays go out drinking with their friends but most of these children don’t know what problems can cause them later on if they get caught. In some countries in their laws drinking is not acceptable unless a person 21+, because at that age a person are mature enough to understand the causes of drinking and what problems it can lead a person to. For example in the United Arab Emirates, drinking is only acceptable to those who are 21+ and if a person get caught drinking a person get to go to jail and have problems with the law. Many children are arrested each year in the UAE on drinking infractions, 15 years old boys...

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