The Perception of Youth Engaged in Vices

Topics: Drug addiction, Alcoholic beverage, Adolescence Pages: 6 (1574 words) Published: February 16, 2014

TOPIC: The Perception of Youth RESEARCHERS: Atienza Kimberly
Engaged in Vices Garcia Elline
Manlutac Diana Rose Panis Nina


Some things are just bad (for you and/or for those around you), and those things are better to quash or eliminate than try to parlay into a positive. But those vices are probably a small number of behaviors or attachments that make up a minority of your overall repertoire. They may significantly or insignificantly impact your life, and worthy of some or a lot of attention required to stop them, but they may not be directly converted into assets. Moral/immoral aspect and say that a vice is generally a habitual or repetitive tendency, behavior or activity that imparts a negative effect. Negative patterns, if you will. They are a cause of angst, frustration, disappointment or other negative emotions for the person with the vice, and often a cause of concern, dismay, anger or other negative emotions on those around the person, especially those in close relationship with the person. Everyone has, or has had, or will have a vice or vices. Likewise, everyone has been, is being or will be affected by others because of their vice or vices. How we cope, how others cope, how people work on themselves, how successful they are in efforts to change. These are all part of life and being human. It is a universal phenomenon. The positive side of things simply this: most of your vices can be converted into assets if you apply yourself to examining them, distilling them and converting them. Basically, you engage in a similar process, but use the tendencies in different ways. BACKGROUND

Definition of Vices:

Vices are evil, degrading or immoral practices or habits.
Any bad habits that provides pleasure to, yet causes bad effects on the person who practices it.

Different vices among teens:

1. Smoking

Suicide in slow motion. According to WHO, 2007 in every Filipino teenagers age 13 to 15 were already smokers despite the existence of RA 9211. Teenagers usually start with a single cigarette or a can of beer, due to peer pressure, to prove himself or to give the impression of being "cool". This however turns into a habit and soon the teen is addicted. Smoking has a lot of risks especially regarding health issues. Lung cancer, heart problems and bronchitis are just some of the effects of smoking in our bodies. The life expectancy of the smoker is cut short by 10- 12 years and more than half of all smokers die from smoking-related diseases. The younger the onset of smoking the longer one will most likely smoke and younger one is more likely to die. Smoking is a slow killer, not just to the smoker but to those also around him as they are affected by second- hand smoke. See what smoking causes? It doesn’t just affect your health, it also affects other people’s health and not just that, it also contributes to pollution.

Smoking is another rampant problem in the society nowadays. Teens learn how to smoke without their parents consent. Causes of this vice are just like the cause of drinking alcohol namely, influence of other teens and lack of parental guidance. Smoking of teens might be also caused by influence of their parents. When parents smoke, especially fathers, the children will be conscious of what their parents are taking so they tend to try the same habit. Parents have a very big influence on their children that’s why parents should watch their actions especially when their children are around. They can discuss more stringent norms with the legislators. They can conduct surveys to find out why teenagers smoke. Most teenagers want to act like adults. They feel grown up with a...

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