The Notebook Film Elements

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Lauren Taibi
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The Notebook

The movie The Notebook, directed by Nick Cassavetes and released on June 5th 2004, is a captivating love story, which takes place in the 1940’s. Through filmatic elements such as Cassavetes choices of cinematography, editing, narrative, mise en scene, sound and music, he creates an extremely believable story of two teenagers in the 1940’s who fell in love over the time span of one summer.

In order to create a 1940’s vibe, Cassavetes wisely uses a specific choice of costumes, makeup and scenery to portray exactly the time period he wanted to. The main character Allie, played by Rachel McAdams, is a free-spirited 17 year old who in the beginning of the movie is seen wearing a variety of long 1940’s dresses, with patterns and specific styles commonly worn during that time period. The other main character, Noah, played by Ryan Gosling, is a teenage boy who because of his low social class, is constantly seen wearing a causal pear of slacks, worn out button down shirts, and suspenders with slicked back hair. A scene when Allie and Noah are swimming in a lake is a prime example of how the costumes contribute towards the time period. Instead of wearing modern day bikinis or swim trunks, Allie is wearing high wasted bathing suit bottoms, which covered her entire stomach and almost looked like shorts; a style of bathing suits worn by girls in the 1940’s. The makeup Allie wears in this movie as she grows up is also very old fashioned. Her excessive amounts of blush, the simple eye makeup and deep red lipstick are identical to that of a woman who lived in the 1940s. Extras and other characters that also take part in this movie, wear 1940’s attire as well. Because of this, the overall feeling of this movie is old fashioned, and a time when everything was much simpler. Not only does the specific attire of the main characters help portray a true feeling of the 1940’s, yet it is a key contributor to the love story as...
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