The moment of truth

Topics: Drunk driving, Alcohol law, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: February 28, 2014
Texting While Driving vs Drinking While Driving
For decades, drunk driving has been at the forefront of debate. Stricter laws have been passed across the nation leading to a decrease in drunk driving accidents. However, a new driving threat is quickly taking its place. That threat is texting while driving and many say that it is actually more dangerous than drunk driving. Texting while driving a vehicle has now replaced drinking while driving as the leading cause of accidents and deaths of teenage drivers. Texting while driving and drinking while driving are similar in many ways yet different in others.

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is precarious and can be fatal, but texting and driving is equally dangerous. Texting while driving is like consuming about four beers in one sitting. The impairments associated with drunk driving and texting while driving are similar, according to the National Highway & Transportation Administration. Both cause distraction and impaired driving that can result in following too closely, not being able to brake on time, weaving into oncoming traffic and even death. Both of these dangerous activities have caused death and injuries. Drivers who are texting while behind the wheel have a 23% higher chance of causing a crash. That is equivalent to downing four beers and then getting behind the wheel.

Over the years, it is proven that there are now more deaths caused from people who are texting while behind the wheel than there are drunk driving. According to the NHTSA 2011 Traffic Safety Facts, laws passed by all 50 states lowering the threshold of illegal driving to .08 blood alcohol content have resulted in a decrease in drunk driving fatalities. In 2002, there were 12,405 drunk driving fatalities. That number dropped to 9,296 in 2011. While drunk driving fatalities have been decreasing, deadly accidents involving distracted driving are increasing. Drivers are more likely to miss critical traffic signals, are slower to...
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