The Global Market for Malt Beverages

Topics: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Arabian Peninsula Pages: 10 (2017 words) Published: April 20, 2014
The Global Market for Malt Beverages
On 21st April 2014

Malt beverages (non-alcoholic) are an increasingly important element within the global beverage spectrum. This report defines what they are and focuses on three key regions, MENA, Latin America and the Caribbean and Africa. The report provides a global view of malt beverages, their consumption and positioning followed by consideration and characterization of each region before focusing on each individual market. Both clear and dark malt beverages are included. Key Findings

There are two key types of Malt Beverage : dark nourishing malt drinks found in Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America, and clear, often flavoured, malt beverages that are important in the Middle East & North Africa. Dark Malts appeal primarily to non-beer drinkers, including women and children, whilst clear malt beverages tend to compete with beer, especially non-alcoholic beer. Therefore although both types of malt are growing, the drivers are quite different.

The first section of the report consists of a description of the historical development and the key players and brands considered along with the consumption and positioning of malt beverages and the segments future considered. Data for the leading global brands and local operators is presented followed by the regional makeup of the global market from 2008-2013 and the leading countries (in terms of volume) 2008-2013. The split of the global malt beverage market between dark and clear malt is presented 2008-2013. Each of the regions is presented with;

The split between clear and dark malt
A description of the regional market including the main players The markets of the region ranked in terms of volume
In the LatAm & Caribbean section the Caribbean market is presented with; The split between dark and clear malt in the Caribbean
A description of the Caribbean market including the main players The volumes of the Caribbean by country (2008-2013) split into clear and dark malt The leading malt beverage brands in the Caribbean (2008-2013) The leading brands and brand owners and local operators in the Caribbean Packaging (2008-2013)

Distribution (2008-2013)
Each of the markets within MENA, LatAM and the rest of Africa is then presented with; The split between clear and dark malt
A description of the market
The leading brands (2008-2013)
The leading brands and brand owners and local operators
The composition of the market by flavour
Packaging (2008-2013)
Distribution (2008-2013)

Reasons to Buy
To gain insight into global malt beverages market (non-alcoholic) and the main players. Malt beverages are an often neglected but rapidly expanding segment that impacts on both beer and the soft drinks industry. Other industries we cover:

Advertising and Media
Automotive and Parts
Consumer Goods
Healthcare and Medical
Finance and Banking
Food and Beverages
Travel and Tourism
Textiles and Clothing
SWOT Analysis

Table of Content
Section 1 : Global Summary
Defining Malt Beverages
Coverage of this Report
Historical Development
Key Players and Brands
Consumption and Positioning

Section 2 : Middle East and North Africa
Regional Summary
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Section 3 : Latin America and Caribbean
Regional Summary
Costa Rica
Section 4 : Rest of Africa
Regional Summary
Other Africa
Methodology and Product Definitions
List of Tables
Table 1: Leading Malt Beverage Brands By Local Operator, 2013 Table 2: Malt Beverage Volume by Region, 2008-2013
Table 3: Leading Malt Beverage Volume by Region, 2008-2013
Table 4: Malt Beverage Volume by Type, 2008-2013
Table 5: Malt Beverage Growth, 2008-2013
Table 6: Leading Malt Beverage Markets, 2008-2013...
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