The Film I Like Best

Topics: Answer, President of the United States, Desert Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Classroom Dialogue (1)
Hello, mate! You look the picture of health. So,I needn’t ask how you are. You said it. I’m feeling A1. And you look the picture of health, too. I’m sure you are doing nicely. You hit it. I’m fighting fit. So what shall we two talk about today? If you agree, I would like to ask you some miscellaneous questions. Sure. Please fire away. I will try my level best to answer all your questions. Okay. Which animal is known as the “ship of the desert”? The animal known as the “ship of the desert” is the camel. Correct. Which city is known as the “Big Apple”?

The city known as the “Big Apple” is New York.
Correct. What is the “White House”?
The “White House” is the house of the American President”. Correct. What is “tsunami”?
“Tsunami” is an earthquake followed by tidal waves.
Correct. What do you call a year with 366 days and which comes in every four years? A year with 366 days and which comes in every four years is called a leap year. Correct. I take my hat off to you for answering all my questions correctly. Thanks. Well, Time is running out. So, let’s call it a day. Yes, let’s!

Classroom Dialogue (2)
Hello, friend! I’m over the rainbow to get this chance to talk with you. Same here. I’m in seventh heaven to get this opportunity to talk with you. Have you prepared anything for today’s conversation?

Of course. I’ve prepared some questions with idioms to ask you. Can I kick off? Certainly. Idioms are my favourite.I can’t wait to hear your questions. Okay. Here is my first question. Do you like people who are thick in the head? No way. I don’t like people who are thick in the head.

Do you always see eye to eye with your parents?
Not always. Sometimes I don’t see eye to eye with my parents. Do you like it when it rains cats and dogs?
Nope.I don’t like it when it rains cats and dogs.
Do you look down your nose on people who are poor?
Never. I never look down my nose on people who are poor.
Do you want to have English at your finger...
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