The Effects on Growing Up with Television

Topics: Obesity, Self-esteem, Affect Pages: 3 (1140 words) Published: November 15, 2010
The Effects of Television
It was 1923 in England when one of mans greatest and most powerful creation was invented, the television. Before the T.V was considered a luxury, only people with money could afford having one. But now it is hard to find a family who doesn’t own one or more. T.V was also considered a healthy and efficient way to distract the family, especially toddlers. Here is where they were wrong, exposing children to T.V excessively has its negative effects, especially to today’s T.V where they show violence, sex, and drugs. Some effects that T.V can cause are education issues, personality issues, and most important health issues. T.V affects student’s performance in school, which can have its long term effects. Brain development can be affected by T.V especially in younger ages. Big part of brain development occurs when reading. Reading requires much more effort and more thinking than T.V. Normally people who read more tend to have better grades in school than students that only watch T.V. T.V watching may replace and may become a student’s priority. Instead of doing homework, reading, pursuing hobbies, doing sports, and getting enough sleep many students give all their time to T.V. Creating these bad educational habits can create bigger problems in the future, like in college, or in a job. Procrastination is one of the effects almost all students have, and its normally caused by T.V. Life is about responsibilities, and it all starts at school. If people do not develop traits and habits to be responsible they will have a bigger struggle in life. Humans tend to create their personality normally when they start elementary school. This is why it is critical to control what your kid is watching on T.V and how much T.V he is watching. At infant age kids do not assimilate what they watch, but around elementary is when kids start understanding and relating things more. At this age kids are still watching cartoons most of the time, but they are also...
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