the differences between pubs in Britain and bars in Vietnam

Topics: Public house, Waiting staff, Great Britain Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: September 25, 2013
The differences between bars in Vietnam and pubs in Britain.

In Vietnam, because of foreign culture’s influences, bars have been recently appeared as a new sort of entertainment. Bars in Vietnam have played a role as pubs in Britain. They are the places where people go to relax, talk together, enjoy drinks, and dance. However, there are some differences between Vietnamese bars and British pubs, which depend on their country’s culture. This paper will show several main differences between bas in Vietnam and pubs in Britain on some aspects: decoration, service, name, and ownership. Firstly, we can be easy to find the differences between Vietnamese bars and British pubs in decoration. Most bars in Vietnam are designed and decorated follow a modern, new, and convenient style. Meanwhile, most pubs in Britain look old. It is part of their appeal to tradition. Even a newly built pub is often designed to look, inside and out, as if it were several hundred years old. Secondly, their way of serving is also different. In Vietnam, all of bars always have waiters and waitress, and customers are served at a table. This shows bar’s welcoming and hospitality. However, British pubs are no waiter service. If you want something, you have to go and ask for it at the bar. To British people, it makes them feel comfortable and relaxed, so it is more informal. You can get up and walk around whenever you want – it is like being in your own house. In addition, calling-name way of Vietnamese bars and British pubs are also different. In Vietnam, to show bars’ modern and new style, they were always called by foreign names such as VIP bar, Visco’s bar, DMZ bar….On the other hand, appealing to the idea of tradition, many pubs are called by the name of an aristocrat ( for example, ‘the Duke of Cambridge’ ) or after a monarch; others take their names from some traditional occupation ( such as ‘The Bricklayer’s Arms’); they often have rural association (...
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