The Commercialization of Childhood

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Media Education Foundation Study Guide - Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood

Friday, 12 October 2012

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Children's purchasing power has increased because of the 'nag factor.' They have been influenced by commercials on TV. This is because they are an easy target audience and very gullible, and believe what they see.

Children spend more time with media nowadays because many would rather sit inside all day and watch TV rather than play outside. Their heavy media use might be taking away their people skills, social skills and health. I see reasons for concern because kids need to know how to act in public and be social, how to interact with humans properly and need to maintain a good and healthy life.

New technologies such as the internet, iPods, cell phones and 24-hour children's TV programming have made them more vulnerable to commercials with a massive influx of ads and commercials being more available and common. For example: Internet - ads on websites. Cell phones - deals with companies or apps. TV - commercials.

It is reasonable to believe that people can be transformed, form the earliest ages, into "life-long consumers" because people have a constant need or want. People always think materialistic things are a necessity. There should be a law or regulations about marketers approaching children at such early ages.

Deregulation has contributed to the changes in marketing because it has opened up the floodgates of business' and companies trying to sell people stuff they don't even need. Specifically children, as they are more gullible and naïve.

I think that the Federal Trade Commission should be in charge of regulating unfair and deceptive marketing to children. Marketing to children can be very deceptive. Especially when they undergo psycho-analysis to see what they want/need doing all these weird studies.

The difference between product placement and regular advertising is:

Product placement - When manufacturers of a product gain exposure for their products by paying for them to be featured in movies and television programs.

Regular advertising - Paying money to be shown during ad breaks.

The difference being one is shown during the ads of a TV show and one being show during the actual TV show or movie.

It is a very deceptive way of advertising because kids will want what they see their "heroes" or "idols" have.

Yes, I think that the government should oversee and regulate these advertising method, techniques and practices and place some limits or boundaries or restrictions on these advertisers because they are sending children the wrong idea of reality that you have to be "cool" and if you don't buy these products you are not "cool." Some regulations that could be put in place are:

No false advertising

No special effects or editing

People might support regulation against children smoking or drinking because it can have very harmful effects on human development.

The contribution of psychologists, anthropologists, sociologist and other behavioural scientists has helped the marketing research to children because they help marketers understand the behaviour, necessities and brain of a child's mind to help seel products to them. Without them youth marketing wouldn't be as successful as it is today without their new intrusive research methods. Because back before they came into the business marketers they didn't know how to sell their products to children to make them feel like it is a need.

Advanced research techniques exploit children's vulnerabilities because there are other ways to find out what kids want like simply surveying them. A case could be made that marketers are simply trying to find out what kids want because of all the money they've made from their products so they could afford the best lawyers.

I think this kind of market research is completely...
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