Thai Teenagers Alcohol Consumption

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol, Beer Pages: 4 (1166 words) Published: August 3, 2013
Thai Teenagers Alcohol Consumption: The Gap of Law in Advertisment Alcohol consumption is the most frequently used drug by teenagers in Thailand. It is clear that the alcohol consumption problem is not an ordinary problem anymore. According to World Health Organization (WHO)’s study (Rabelsi-Hadad,2008), Thailand is in the fifth of the world on the rank of the most drinking alcohol beverage countries. Most of consumers are around 15-19 years old. Thailand has 15-year-old population around 53.9 million people, 17 million of them have an alcohol consumption behaviors, and men tend to be more alcoholic than women (the National Statistical Office, 2011). There are many factors make teenagers toward alcohol consumption. Mass media such as advertising is one of those factors. Nowadays, advertisement has a great impact influencing the way of people life. In addition, alcohol beverage has highly competition. There are many advertisements about drinking alcohol that make consumers feel that alcohol consumption is a good thing and should be proud with. Therefore, the government launched the policy against the advertisement about alcohol beverages, but there are gaps of law that make these advertisements continuously broadcast in the mass media. This paper about discusses the factor leading to consumption of alcohol beverage, the government’s policy against the advertisement supporting consumption of alcohol beverage, and the gaps of the government’s policy making the advertisement mentioned continuously broadcasting. General Information about Alcohol

Alcohol or alcohol beverage is a natural occurring product of fermentation process of sugar, oat, barley, and etc. with yeast, and the main product is ethanol which is the primary component in alcohol beverage. However, absolute ethanol cannot be consumed due to burning effect on the throat, thus it is often mixed with congener to increase taste. Alcohol beverage can be categorized as thee types as beer, wine, and liqueurs....
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