TGIF Case Analysis

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TGIF Case Analysis
1.The major problem is that when employees are drinking too much at a work function, they could get hurt, or even hurt someone else from the result of their actions. 2.Also, as mentioned within the text, they may be growing too quickly. Thus, making these events easily get out of control. B.Micro

1.By ending these TGIF events it could deeply hurt the overall morale of the company. 2.Also, ending these events could dramatically impact their culture negatively, and in turn possibly make it more difficult to recruit great, future talent. II.Causes

1.People are getting out of control and belligerent at the parties. 2.Since it is an event that takes place after work, there is the issue of drinking and then driving home afterwards. 3.Further, as the company continues to grow, more and more people are becoming a part of these celebrations. Thus, it could get out of hand more quickly. III.Systems Affected

1.Quantum Software is affected via their employee atmosphere within the workplace. This is especially true because of their 16 hour work days and 6 day a week schedule. Therefore, the spirit and morale of Quantum will be impacted. 2.New hires are in turn affected, because if the culture is not what it once was, it could become more difficult to get great talent hired. 3.The company as whole is also affected as its employees may become less efficient and productive as they once were. Making the company potentially less successful and less profitable. IV.Alternatives

1.There are a number of things that could replace the current TGIF Beer Bust. For example, they could just make the celebration TGIF, and eliminate alcohol and serve food and non-alcoholic beverages instead. 2.They could also keep the TGIF Beer Bust and simply limit the number of drinks each person could have using a voucher. Thus, this should cut back on people drinking too much. 3.Finally, they could also make the event fun by doing...
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