Topics: Adolescence, Alcoholic beverage, Alcoholism Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Trust is something you must build and the best way to gain trust in your teen is my showing trust. If you make alcohol "taboo" then teens will feel the urge to consume it behind your backs. Even more because of the restriction parents impose. It is wiser to allow them to drink under responsible adults rather than risk them sneaking out. In order to do so under bad influences not knowing their limits. I think parents should be open about alcohol in their homes so that teens are knowledgeable about it. I definitely don't think that parents should host teenage drinking parties. But I don't think the opposite extreme of banning all alcohol is reasonable either. Parents can allow their kids to satisfy their curiosity about alcoholic beverages by allowing them to have a small glass of wine at a holiday dinner, or taste the beer. Kids are less likely to sneak around if there's no taboo involved. I believe that educating teens about alcohol is the best way to go. Teens should drink at home so that they become aware of their limits. This helps them know how much to drink on social occasions to ensure they don't go overboard. This is vital to mature drinking. Teenagers are always going to do what they want to do, and experimenting with alcohol is almost a passage of rite so what better place to do it than in the safety of their own home. Teenagers, almost by some natural law, will almost always do what they're told not to do. Alcohol and other recreational drugs are no exception. It would also seem that the more they are told not to do it, the more curious they become. I grew up with open-minded parents and was allowed to do many things at home that were considered wrong and even illegal. They made absolutely sure, though, to ingrain one very important lesson in life into my brain, everything in moderation. That has stuck with into adulthood. In fact, I no longer drink alcohol or use any other recreational drug. I feel I was able to get my "teenage behavior" out of my...
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