teenagers problems with alcohol and drugs

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Alcoholism, Addiction Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: November 26, 2014
Teresa Elimar Aráuz Medal
Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs, a Problem for Teenagers
Can you imagine how hard it is dealing with a drunk and smoker teen as a parent? One of the worst nightmares as a parent is finding out that our teenager has started smoking or drinking, inclusively both at the same time. Many teenagers are tempted to try alcohol and cigarettes or drugs at some stage in their life. This addiction causes: Risk to their health, break relations between parents and son/daughter, and future problems in their life.

Every time a teenager drinks or smokes, the risk in his/her health increases every day. Studies show that the 70% of teenagers drink alcohol regularly, and the 56% are regular smokers, this includes cigarettes and drugs. In addition, the consumption of alcohol and drugs causes cirrhosis of the liver. Also, heavy drinking can cause the number of oxygen-carrying red blood cells to be abnormally low, this condition is known as anemia and can trigger a host of symptoms, including fatigue, shortness of breath, and lightheadedness. Moreover, when teenagers consume a lot of alcohol and drugs, they lose total control and contact with the reality because they lose the perception and their mind plays with them causing the development of psychosis and high levels of schizophrenia. Alcohol and drugs consumption can cause major health problems, these addictions do all kind of things on the body, and we are not fully aware of all the effects.

When teenagers start to smoke or drink without the permission of their parents, they lose their confidence and break their relationship. Because of the lack of communication with their parents, many teenagers destroy the trust or the connection with their entire family. They just submit their lives into the alcohol and drug's world. In addition, when we get into the world of addictions, at the same time, we are destroying the trust on ourselves because we do not try hard to solve our problems in a good and...
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