Teen Drinking

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Teen Drinking
"Alcohol has been part of human society for thousands of years. In many cultures, alcohol is used on important social occasions and in religious ceremonies." It is used to celebrate and to cry, to have fun, to reduce the feeling of loneliness. Most of the teens forget that alcohol is very dangerous drug and alcohol influences decision making so that these decisions can be results of a bad future.

"Alcohol is a drug which is made from corn, barley, grain, rye, or a beverage containing ethyl." Drugs are chemicals that people put into their bodies in order to change their mental or physical state. Alcohol is a drug that changes the way you think and feel. "Large amounts of alcohol can be painful and even deadly" (Bichler). All types of alcohol "made with the same fermentation process." So why alcohols look or taste so different from each other? The answer is very simple. During "the fermentation process", procreators use different materials in each of drinks.

Many people find using alcohol pleasurable. The best way to understand these

effects is to understand the way alcohol effects body. The most serious effect of teen drinking is that makes way to lifetime dependence. A lot of people who made research related to alcohol says that "if a teen starts drinking before 15, he/she becomes more addicted than other alcohol dependents." Another big effect is driving. Most of the car crashes are related to the use of alcohol for teens. Here is the one of the big problem about teen drinking. Mainly teens thought that alcohol made people feel more lively, cheerful, and active by speed up the body functions. Many teens feel more talkative or outgoing after drinking. Moreover they may feel they are thinking more clearly. However, in reality alcohol slows down the brain and gets the control of teens body, thoughts and feelings. "Teens who use alcohol may have legal problems due to their behavior. Drinking is illegal, and teens who drink may engage in...

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