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Exercise: What’s Going On Up There?
+1.) It becomes clear on your first day of classes that a lot is going to be expected of you. You say to yourself, “This is going to be hard, but I know I can do this.” -2.) You’ve been in school for a week and still haven’t made any friends. You think, “If I was not so shy, I could make friends.” +-3.) There’s a test you need to study for this morning and you woke up in a bad mood. You say to yourself, “Maybe if I take a nap I'll wake up happier, and then I will study.” School

+1.) You trip as you’re walking down the street and a few people look your way. You say to yourself, “Just laugh it off.” +-2.) A stranger smiles at you as you’re walking down the street, and you say to yourself, “Why can't everyone be that friendly?” -3.) You’re late for work and decide to take the highway instead of side streets, and now you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. You say to yourself, “Why does this always happen when I'm in a hurry?” Day-to-Day

+-1.) Your boss asks you to do something at work you’re not sure you can do. You say to yourself, “(S)he could show me how to do this.” +-2.) A coworker passes you in the hallway without greeting you. You think, “I wonder if she is upset?” +3.) You just got back a positive performance review from your supervisor. You say to yourself, “I knew I could do it.” Work

Break it Down
Do you recognize any of the messages you wrote as things you often say to yourself? If yes, which? Yes. “This is going to be hard, but I know I can do this.” and “Why does this always happen when I'm in a hurry?”

Put an X next to any of the following that apply to the answers you gave: X Talking to yourself as a friend OR Talking to yourself as an enemy X Giving yourself a break OR Getting down on yourself

X Encouraging yourself OR Bossing yourself around
X Keeping things in perspective OR Blowing things out of proportion X Assuming the best, or not assuming OR Assuming the worst
1.) What is the...
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