Swot Analysis on Hindustan Unilever

Topics: Rural area, Population, Rural Pages: 3 (1222 words) Published: November 23, 2011
According to the study made by me, HLL has basic problems but which have to be dealt with planned strategy. Now we got to see where the problem lies, looking at the market itself will give us a lot of ideas, India is a developing nation with a massive population where majority areas are rural and people living in there are uneducated, moreover to get to these customers is very difficult as the mode of transport to these people are difficult and time taking. In that kind of situation a large company like HLL needs to think over a plan of action where the flow of their products is consistent and is being bought through effective marketing. Here manpower needed for the task is huge at hand and needs to be taken care of, this brings in a newer problem where people can’t be employed from one area and made to work in these different rural areas, the reason being that every state in India speaks a different language, therefore employees of the same area need to be employed. The fact that the task is massive gives a lot of pressure on the company, here the human resource, marketing representatives etc. are required to pull in together to get to a proper liable solution. Let us see the main important problem and also what plan can be used to deal with this problem.

The first problem identified by me is that the company is facing problems to train the employees in the rural areas as they are far to reach and sending people to train is becoming expensive. Moreover as of now the company has still covered up only 12 states and so there are more states to cover, as India consists of 28 states. So the rest of the 16 states have to be yet penetrated. With every state speaking different languages it becomes difficult for personnel from one place to go and communicate with them. Knowing culture is a big part of assistance that is needed to know. Now the problem here is that the Shakti project aims at recruiting women as a social achievement. But it comes with a great price...
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