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Topics: Alcohol, Alcoholic beverage, Alcoholism Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: September 24, 2012
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Stats Project- College Athlete Evaluation- Drinking vs. GPA
Kelsie Benike, Kristina Gentile, Emily Nielsen, Staci Stadler Davenport University
Course: Stat - 220
Professor: Diane Salinas
Date: March 8, 2011

College Athlete Evaluation- Drinking vs. GPA
In our study, we researched the effect that drinking has on a college athletes in the evaluation of their grade point average (GPA). The following variables were used: GPA, alcoholic drinks consumed on average per week, sport he/she participated in. Our sample population includes both male and female athletes at Davenport University. We chose these variables because being college athletes we were curious as to if drinking alcohol has taken an effect on an athlete’s academic performance. Davenport University has strict guidelines that requires athletes not to consume alcohol 48 hours prior to a game or practice, or if underage no alcohol tolerance. Our basketball coach is very strict up these rules and does not tolerate any kind of drinking. This led us to wonder if the alcohol drank effects a student athlete’s GPA. To conduct this survey, we randomly selected Davenport college athletes. We brought the surveys in the training room, dorm rooms, and in the cafeteria. The sample is well representative of the population because the survey was given to different sports teams and not just centered on friends. We found the topic to be very interesting because we are college athletes and have strict rules given from our basketball coach, including a dry season regardless of age. Our coach strives on academic performance and we are required to keep a certain GPA in order to maintain our scholarship. We have always been known as an all-academic team. Our objective is to discover if consuming alcohol on a weekly basis effects athlete’s performance in the classroom. We believe that a relationship exists between these variables because the more a college athlete drinks, the faster...
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