Society vs Self

Topics: Person, Individual, Conformity Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: January 26, 2013
The Effects that Society has on Individuals are Negative

Society is, by definition, a group of people who live in the same area who tend to follow the same standards. Society influences people to follow their expectations, because it is thought of as the right way to live. Due to this influence, society has a negative impact on the individuals who are a part of it. Society forces conformity on others, has individuals acting selfish, and lowers self-esteem which ultimately has a negative effect on individuals.  Society influences people into conformity. Conformity means to be or become similar in form, nature, or character. A huge type of conformity is peer pressure. Like a student being coerced into trying marijuana. In the school society, students often pressure others into doing drugs or alcohol. Since they do not want to feel left out, the student is forced into doing so in order to fit in. Along with peer pressure, people also struggle to fit in through fashion statements.  For example, a student feels compelled by her peers to buy the latest, expensive hand bag. Fashion is a subtle form of conformity because it is not the individual who decides what is fashionable, but society. Since the student sees others buying the bag, she is influenced that even though it is expensive, it is okay, because she is able to fit in that way. Another example of conformity would be segregation. Segregation means setting apart or separating things or people. In a school cafeteria, it is noticeable that certain groups have their own section; blacks, whites, Asians, etc.  In high school, this type of segregation is taught that it is okay, because it allows you to be with your own kind. But it also fails to let you experience other cultures, and meet more people. New students are then influenced by the older students to continue with the cycle of segregation. Because society influences its members to conform to its ideals through peer pressure and segregation, it...
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