Smoking and Teenagers

Topics: Smoking, Self-esteem, Nicotine Pages: 2 (348 words) Published: June 3, 2014
Smoking is one popular habbit in this millennia. There are many question about smoking. Such as , why do teenagers smoke , why should teenagers stop smoking and how to stop smoking. In this article , Iwill give the answer to all of the questions above. First , why do teenagers smoke. There are many factors that influence teenagers to smoke such as peer pressure. When a teenager befriend with a friend that smokes , he will be laughed because of not smoking that will force him to smokes. After that , it is because of curiosity . Most teenagers have high enthusiasm to make things that is seen as a fun thing such as smoking. Third , it is because of low self esteem in their self. This is because there are no praise for them of being good teenagers. The last factor is they want to be accepted in a group that they join because all the people in the group smokes. Second , why should teenagers stop smoking. I think , all people can answer this question but I want to answer it. First , it will harm their bodies because it can cause serious illness such as cancer and many more. Second , it will incurs unnecessary expenditure because they want to buy cigarettes that usually cost at least RM10 per box. Usually , with a box of cigarettes they can smoke for two days. Imagine if they buy it for thirty days , it will cost RM150 that is a lot amount of money. Last , it will causes anxiety and tension. In statistic, smokers live a short life compare to non smokers. It is because of the tension and illness that they get from smoking. Last , how to stop smoking. First , they have to make decision to quit and determine. After that , get supports from family and friends. Then , stay away from smokers and occupy time with healthy activities such as jogs. Last , see a doctor for helps and advice. To wrap it, I want to advice to all of the people who reads this magazine.I hope I has answer all the question for smoking....
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