Singapore: Cause for Influx of Foreigners and Immigrants

Topics: Population, Demography, Total fertility rate Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Statistics shows that foreigners make up 26.8% of the current population, compared to 18.7% in 2000 and 10% in 1990. This shows that we are relying more and more on foreign labour. As Singapore is a small country with no natural resources and has to rely on human labour to maintain and further propel its economy. With only about 3.87 million Singapore residents.

Cause for influx of foreigners and immigrants

Low total fertility rate
Singapore is currently facing an increase in the ageing population. With a total fertility rate of 1.2 and replacement rate of 2.1, Singapore will be facing a silver tsunami in 2030 where Singapore resident population will start to decline. The population will, moreover, age rapidly with the median age rising to 55 in 2050 from the current 39 years There will also be 1.7 working age persons per elderly person in 2050, down from the current 7.7. We will then experience a lower level of productivity and efficiency due to the shortage of human resource as the older generations go into retirement, which may lead into an economic slowdown for Singapore. The decline in the younger generation will pose a potential problem in the future, with the increase financial burden and emotional stress on the younger generations of caring and providing for the elderly. This may lead households to make a rational decision not to have children so as to maintain a "financially optimal" ratio of dependants and workers in the household, thus creating a vicious downward spiral for the society at large. I believe that as individuals, we are unprepared to accept the negative societal and economical impacts of a rapidly ageing population. This is where foreigners and immigrants come into use for Singapore. They will bring their families over or start a family here to make up for the low fertility rate, thus alleviating the problem of an ageing population. Thus, importing foreigners and immigrants becomes a necessity it becomes an implication to ensure...
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