SI Child and young person s development

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A child and young person’s development plan

1.1b Describe the expected pattern of children and young people's development from birth to 19 years, to include: b communication and intellectual development

Expected pattern development 0-3 months

Communication development:

Needs to share language experiences and cooperate with others from the beginning Responds to sounds, particularly familiar voices and may move head towards sound. By 3 months responds to dancing, babble and cooing.

Makes eye contact
Quietens when being picked up
Shows excitement at the sound of voices or approaching footsteps Cries to express hunger, dirty nappies, over tiredness, trapped wind etc. This becomes more expressive as they develop through age milestones.

Intellectual developments:

Can respond to sound and become still at low sounds, or quicken movements to high sounds Explores their senses, own activity and movement
Cn focus on objects 20cm away.
Likes to have eye contact and can track movements of people and objects By 3 months can recognise different speech sounds
By 3 months can imitate different speech sounds
Can feel pain from birth
Hand’s, feet and face are very sensitive to touch
Expected pattern development 3-6 months

Communication and development:


Has increased awareness of others resulting in more communication Begins to use vowel and consonant sounds. For example; ah, ee, aw Begins to laugh and squeal with pleasure
Is able to listen and differentiate to different sounds
Can react to different sounds and tones of voices

Intellectual development:

Recognises the smell of their mother from other mothers
Knows that they have one mother
Reaches for objects suggesting that they are able to judge distance in relation to object size. Coordinate so that they are able to reach and grasp for an object and place object in their mouth for example Realises that people are permanent before realising that object are Prefers coloured objects to look at

can develop favourite tastes in food and by five months can recognise the different tastes

Expected pattern development 6-9 months

Communication development


Begins to understand certain words
Will copy gestures, for example hand and arm movement such as waving Will babble more which becomes increasingly like the lilt of language they can hear Repeats sounds

Intellectual development:


Can understand signs. For example a placing a bib around a baby means that food is coming Is able to understand that objects exist even if they are not in their line of vision Is fascinated with the way things move

Expected pattern development 9-12 months

Communication development

Can follow simple instructions for example “blow a kiss” Understands that words are linked to people, objects what they do etc Begins to speak word approximations like, Mumma, Dadda, Bye Bye etc Babble develops and parents are usually able to understand their version/jargon for an object or person

Intellectual development


Imitates gestures
Images begin to develop
Can anticipate the future allowing them to have some understanding of a daily routine. They can come to know what to expect next if following some kind of routine. For example eat, activity (play,change of nappy or a bath), sleep Memory develops and they remember the past

Expected pattern development 12-18 months

Communication development

The child…..

Begins to talk with words or sign language
Will point at objects, people, parts of the face and body and people too and say what they are pointing at Enjoys trying to sing
Enjoys listening to music and mimicking the songs and rhymes Enjoys looking a t picture books and pointing to the different things on the pages

Intellectual development

The child…..

Uses toys to represent real life things. Such as a doll as a baby Understands the names of different objects...
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