Should It Be Illegal for a Pregnant Woman to Consume Alcohol? Consider the Legal and Health Ramifications of Your Answer

Topics: Pregnancy, Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: April 8, 2013
5. Should it be illegal for a pregnant woman to consume alcohol? Consider the legal and health ramifications of your answer.

They say one glass of red a wine is good for your health; however is it also healthy for women that are pregnant? Doctors surprisingly agree with the fact that woman can take a moderate amount of alcohol while being pregnant. Their recommendation of moderation is for the expecting mother to only consume 1-2 alcoholic beverages a day. They have done many test studies to prove the point that the baby is not affected by a woman’s consumption of alcohol. However, the test studies were very general of what type of alcohol was used in the experimentation. Examine wine, it consists of approximately 15-20% of alcohol, while vodka and whisky (both average of one shot glass) contain of a range between 40-55% of alcohol. So when doctors recommend or consent their pregnant patient may drink do they ever take in account of which acholic beverage is safe? Yes one glass of one a day maybe safe for the mother, however one shot of whisky or vodka may affect the fetus to be diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Secondly not only does the doctor need to look at the alcohol percentage their patients maybe consuming, but also the expecting mothers DNA. Families may have a history of alcoholism, ADD or other mental disorders that alcohol can affect the fetus with. If pregnant woman consumes alcohol it can alter potential deformity in a child. Just as cocaine and marijuana have an effect on a baby’s appearance and mental capacity, so can alcohol. Cocaine and marijuana are considered illegal drugs and at a time alcohol was too. The selling and consumption of alcohol should be considered illegal because of potential harm it can do to an unborn child.
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