Should DUI Laws be stricter

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Professor Szeto
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Should DUI laws be stricter?

DUI laws have always been a conversed issue, getting repeat offenders to comply; the many innocent victims that are killed and the newly broken families because of it. According to Driving Laws, the current BAC levels considered to be driving while intoxicated in Florida, “any persons under the age of 21 cannot have a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of 0.2%, 21 years or older 0.8% and commercial drivers 0.4%”. ( “Any refusal to take a breathalyzer test can result in 1 year license suspension and increases to a total maximum of 18 months each additional offense” (“Driving Laws”). As stated in Driving Laws because jail time offered in the state of Florida varies, for non-convicted offenders because is no jail time penalty. For second time offenders there is a 10 day jail penalty and increases an additional ten days for the third offense. (“Driving Laws”). For the families who have lost loved ones to an individual driving while under the influence this might be upsetting and a slap on the wrist for offenders. DUI laws should be stricter, each year there are repeat offenders, new offenders and no shortage of death’s because of it “in 2011, 323 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes, which were 35 percent of the 918 total crash fatalities. 38,704 DUI arrests were recorded by the Secretary of State’s office. 92 percent of all drivers arrested for DUI, who were eligible, lost their driving privileges. 1,338 drivers under age 21 lost their driving privileges due to Zero Tolerance law violations. 24 percent of those arrested for DUI are women, who represent 50 percent of all licensed drivers. Males ages 21-24 had the highest DUI arrest rate (about 17 per 1,000 licensed drivers). 85 percent of all drivers arrested for DUI are first offenders”, (White). There is speculation of officers being irrational by being discriminatory towards “minority groups” in regards to other...

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