SHC 33 1.1

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Family Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: October 15, 2014
SHC 33 1.1

Diversity: The respect and knowledge of differences between each individual and groups of people within society. These differences arrive from social, cultural or religious backgrounds, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexuality, appearance and both family structure or background. Equality: This is when everyone has equal opportunities to participate within a setting. All settings are required to have an Equal Opportunities policy, which you must work in line with. When taking the same care to promote opportunities for every child, you are showing 'equal concern'. Inclusion: This occurs when a setting embraces diversity and ensures that all children, young people and families are able to fully participate – or in other words, fully included. Participation: Getting children to join in and take part in activities, also sharing with groups. (EYMP4-3.1)

There are some potential risks of discrimination. When families are experiencing or have experienced discrimination can lead to missed opportunities, this could affect children and young peoples experiences in life which could affect some development. Being affected by discrimination can also cause low self-esteem, low confidence, confused identity, fear of rejection and little sense of self-worth or self-value. Children can become withdrawn if they feel like they don't belong. If this happens and a child and their family are prevented from participating within a group, then this means that the rights of the children and families to participate equally are affected.


Inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity, and should be evident in all settings. When applied, practitioners take equal concern to ensure all children, young people and families have their rights and needs met.
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