Sexual Promoscuity

Topics: Erik Erikson, Human sexuality, Self-esteem Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Topic: Sexual Promiscuity Among Adolescents

A pleasant good morning, my topic for discussion today is “Sexual Promiscuity Among Adolescents.” Sexual promiscuity is defined as having carnal or erotic relations with a number of partners on a casual basis. There are many factors that influence sexual promiscuity, but to name a few we can start with: Factor 1: Identity Confusion – there comes a time in adolescents lives where they are confronted with questions about lifestyle, life direction and their identity in society. Adolescents who fail to establish a positive identity fall into identity confusion and can adopt an inappropriate identity which can bring negative consequences to their lives.

Factor 2: Stress Levels Amongst Teens – In this day and age no one is protected from stress. Sex may serve as an outlet for teen’s frustrations and emotional issues. Basically, sex has become a way to escape feelings and emotions. And finally,

Factor 3: Poor Self Esteem – Self Esteem refers to the value of respect you award to yourself. This is also about your feelings and opinions on how you will evaluate yourself in the world. People with low self esteem usually feel as though they are not cherished or respected by anyone, and as a result they continuously have sex to gain a sense of being cherished and respected.

Student: Keston Rattan
Teacher: Mr. Maharaj

I choose this topic because I realised, that during the past years, the rate of sexual promiscuity has increased exponentially. Recent statistics from the ASPEN Educational Centre have shown that children are having sex at the very age of fourteen (14), and these same children are having sex on a continuous basis. Being a student at the University of the West Indies Open Campus and constantly interacting with people of different backgrounds and moral standards influenced me to choose this topic. Also, being a member of society, I have noticed that everywhere a person looks; some form of sex is shown. Weather...
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