Self Respect

Topics: Happiness, Accept, Debut albums Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: January 17, 2006
The Road to Self-Respect

In today's society, many people are concerned with matters of self-esteem. In fact, people are paying too much attention to self-esteem and neglecting another crucial concept, self-respect. To have self-respect means to accept yourself. Not only must we turn our negatives into positives, but we must also accept our lives as they are. Once you gain self-respect, you will be happy with who you are. In order to achieve this goal, you must accept your family, yourself, and your limitations.

Once in a while, you might feel ashamed about your family. For example, when parents dress like they are in the ‘70s or they aren't as liberal as other parents, some might feel embarrassed to show up with them. Whatever it is that they do, you must remember that they love you no matter what. Having a caring family is sometimes hard to find. When you are confronted with a hurtful situation, they are always there to help you get through your dilemma. Whatever goal you set for yourself, your family will be your greatest support. Being aware that you have people who love you and care for you unconditionally should give you a sense of belonging, which is a great feeling of comfort and brings you a step closer to self-respect.

Everyone has something that they do not like about themselves. Whether it's their looks, personality, or mentality, people must always remember that everyone is special in their own unique way. Although it sounds cliché, there is always at least one special skill that each and every person is good at. It is always good to try to be the best at whatever skill you are good at. When people bring you down, remember that nobody is perfect. Keeping a positive attitude helps you see life in a brighter light.

It is a fact, that even the wealthiest people have something they don't own or can't do. You should not dislike yourself for that, nor should it be a reason to limit yourself to other things. Not being able to do something...
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