Self Identity

Topics: Culture, Person, Identity Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: April 7, 2012
There are numerous factors that either make up or restrain the self-identity of a person or an individual. Culture, in addition to family traditions, is one of the factors that affect the self-identity of an individual. When growing up, the environment around affect the personality, values, as well as, beliefs of an individual. The environment includes friends, family members, and the people that affect the life of an individual. So, if the environment is negative, then an individual will have low self esteem.

Moreover, as an individual grows up from being a child, they receive cultural values from the family or the society around. There are questions raised on matters dealing with identity: Can an individual choose his or her own identity? If yes, how much can one choose? Identity is a very complex issue. It comprises of many inner qualities, as well as outer representations of an individual. There are numerous characteristics that do define what an individual is made up of. The self can include things like gender, sexuality, and sense of belonging to a family, culture, nation, or any other group.

An individual's identity incorporates the personality, looks, fears and beliefs. It is important to note that, the identity of an individual is not permanent. Moreover, nowadays, surgery can be done to alter the face or shape of an individual. There are also numerous books and workshops that have come up to help individuals grow personality. This means that people nowadays have greater choices in developing their self-identity.

Self-identity is influenced by how an individual lives, the work they do, and the way they carry themselves. It is also determined by perspective. The people around a person have different perceptions about an individual. They also affect how a person will behave or carry themselves. Identity has been equated to images and masks. This is because many individuals would mould themselves to be what a certain society or family wants them to...
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