self-esteem in children

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Self esteem in children.


Self esteem in children.
Self esteem can be defined as the feeling of pride in oneself. It is used to describe one’s general sense of worth both in his speech and deeds. Self-esteem is a personal trait that seems to be stable and enduring in life. According to Mruk 2006, it ranges from one’s appearance, emotions and as well as behaviors. Generally in US, parents consider self esteem as one of the qualities of a good child in relation to daily life. This paper aims at describing the self esteem of children in US and how to handle children with a low self esteem. To start with, self-esteem is all about getting to know what one is good at and what always lets one down. Parents in US seem to be worried about their children’s esteem to an extend of treating them in different ways. There are so many ways to kill a rat so to say there are so many ways of handling children so as to raise their self esteem. One of the ways is being patient with their low self esteem, and educating them of how to improve their self esteem which leads to a healthy lifestyle (Mruk, 2006). The other way might be setting boundaries of what is to be done. Some children according to Mruk 2006, tend to be too stubborn and uncontrollable hence leading to harassment from their parents which leads to low self-esteem. Children are therefore to be given limits of what can be done so as to improve avoiding irritating behaviors so that they do not exceed the limits. The sports organizer therefore should not get worried over the issue of giving trophies simply because those who succeed are the ones granted victory. That way it will be of great help to the children to grow up striving to succeed. The trophy of participation will only give children the psych to participate and never worry of winning. In conclusion, the self-esteem of children in US is determined by how they are handled by their parents as compared to the...

References: Mruk, C. J., (2006). Self-Esteem, theory, and Practice: Toward a Positive Psychology of Self-Esteem (3rd Ed.). New York: Springer Publishing Company, Inc.
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